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Wellness and Relax

Take care of your body and beauty in our wellness corner, where you can discover our customised treatments and massages.


Holiday is the proper time for taking care of oneself and re-establish the balance through body and mind care.

Let us pamper you with our treatments.


We use a technology that is natural and surprising effects: Galvanic Tecnology!


Cleanse & Tone Puryficant Galvanic - News

Cleans in depth, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin. Keeps intact the natural pH for a fresh face and youthful.


Calming Face Treatment for Sensitive Skins

Protection and relief for sensitive skins. Calms refreshes and protects giving an immediate soothing effect.


Galvanic facial rejuvenation - News

The new energy to repair the ravages of time. Regenerates and rejuvenates skin cells. A cute and perfect light.


Hydro Nourish Galvanic - News

An intensive moisturizing and nourishing face treatment, helps correcting lipid deficiencies and prevents dehydration: radience, softness and pleasing sensation of freshness.


Galvanic man and teens Special - News

Treatments designed to peculiarities of male skin.  Clean and respect of pH are targeted to the needs of the young beauty. Ages 13 to 18.


Line Corrector  Galvanic – Eyes and Lips - News

The lifting effect obtained due to the effectiveness of a new procollagen peptide that reduces lines around the mouth, eyes and even forehead.


Express Facial  ½ hr

A fast and effective cleaning of fhe face. Scrub, massage and hydration in ½ hour.


The rituals of cleanliness that illuminate the skin and prepare to receive the sun.


Awakening cellular

Sea salt and the essential oils of sage, rosemary and basil: sea salt with the help of essential oils drains, purifies and relaxes.


Louffa Relax

Ancient Middle Eastern cleansing ritual. Savonnage ghassoul to soup, scrub glove kessa, massage with argan oil. Purifyng, regenerating, hydrating, draining and relaxing.


DeStress  Leg  Treatment

Wearying for tired legs: gives immediate relief to the legs. An exclusive refreshing and toning complex which boosts the rosemary, basil, oat, mint and horse chestnut extracts action. 


Remodelling Galvanic - News

Exclusive treatment for body contouring, using the Galvanic System. It helps to eliminate fat deposits and toxins, reduces and smoothes the appearance of cellulite, strengthens and tones.


Galvanic  Abdomen, hips & Waist - News

The lifting effect treatment for abdomen, hips and waistlines, is a highly effective professional technique for slimming, remodelling and toning the abdominal area. Ideal also for men.



Complete waxing legs, groin, arms and back, ampit, upper lips, eyebrows.


Manicure, Pedicure and healing pedicure.


East and West meet to confer Healt


Massage for Pregnant Ladies

Prenatal Massage shares many of the goals of regular massage but is tallored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. Only from the fourth month.


Hara Treatment ( abdominal massage )

Manual massage focusing on the abdominal area. Aiming to a deep and lasting re-balancing action. Lightening diaphragm tension, it improves the digestive and excretory functions. It is a pleasant, enveloping and deep massage: rippling fluids, vibrations, oscillations helps you to abandon tensions.


Anti-cellulite massage

Ideal in combination with specific body treatments.


Column massage

Precise but gentle grips are used to locate tension along the vertebral column and provide effective relief.


Head Massage

This healing technique is ideal in providing relief from tension or discomfort in the head.


Paradise Relax Massage

Relaxing massage which make use of a special oil for gentle massages which consists of Monoi and Aloe extracts. Aids reaching a general wellbeing condition.


Sports Massage

Sports massage is used for all types of athletes who train frequently. It focuses on the muscles relevant to the particular athletic activity. 


Plantar reflexology and Combined

This massage concentrates on specific areas of the feet, corresponding to various body organs. It helps to re-establish harmony and the correct functioning of these organs. It has a revitalizing effect on the entire body and reinforces the immune system. Combined to include a head-neck massage and brings about a balance of body, mind and soul.


Bioenergetic Massage 

A gentle touch like a butterfly’s wings restores the balance of the body and stimulates its  harmonization.


Back and shoulders relax massage

A massage with gradually helps getting rid of all tension and relaxing the muscular tissue of back and shoulders. Helps relaxation and psychophysical re-balancing. 



NEWS - Applies the principles of quantum physics by combining efficiency and speed in restoring the well-being. Charming, simple and exciting is a light and gentle touch on the physical plane that - thanks to a quantum transformation - produces extraordinary effects that spread to every level of the receiver and even the surrounding environment.



“To press with fingers” is the meaning of Shiatsu, an oriental art exerted along the acupunctural channels of the body to restore and rebalance the vital energy.

Pleasant to be received, Shiatsu is effective in increasing vigor and vitality, releasing body, emotional and mental tensions and enhancing the natural self-healing ability. Shiatsu helps to transform the physical and mental distress, promoting the welfare and harmonious expression of the potential of each person.


Suryacandrabhiseca (Ayurvedic  massage of Sun and Moon)

This Ayurvedic Massage (by 152 manoeuvres), called Suryacandrabhiseca. It's name is originated by the sun (Surya in Sanskrit). In our solar system, Sun produces life, combined with the female element “Candra” the Moon. Harmony and balance of male and female. The third word “Abhiseca” reminds an ancient rite, only  for kings. This method gives agility to body, improves blood circulation, relaxing, detoxifying and revives  unexpressed energy.  

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