Our environmental policy

Hotel dei Pini has always been sensitive to environmental matters.

A love for nature accompanies everything that we do. We operate in full compliance with applicable environmental legislation, implementing a host of measures geared towards reducing pollution. We constantly monitor our energy consumption and the impact generated by our activities on the environment. 

To this end, with a view to reducing energy consumption, at Hotel dei Pini we have installed solar panels to product safe war water; moreover, we have also installed in all of the bedrooms automatic systems to turn off the lights and air conditioning, which have a significant impact on limiting consumption when the rooms are not occupied. In order to limit water consumption, we have installed diffuser heads, and the hotel is now equipped with an activated-sludge purifier, the waste water generated being used for the irrigations of the grounds and the landscaped areas.

Following attainment of the certification of the Environmental Quality Mark of the Network of Parks and Protected Areas, Hotel dei Pini intends to pursue, as part of its process of environmental improvement, a series of clear objectives:

  • Participation in at least one event per year promoted or organised by the Park (local expo or overseas expo, product workshops, other events to promote the Mark and the territory of the Park).
  • The use of dispensers for soaps, shampoos and/or other personal hygiene products with multi-use re-fillable systems.
  • The modification of cisterns so that the flush level can be adjusted, with a view to using only the necessary quantity of water.

In 2015, we were delighted to receive the important ECOLEADER SILVER LEVEL certification, awarded byTripAdvisor. TripAdvisor's Eco Leader programme recognises those hotels that commit to eco-sustainable initiatives and offer visitors the possibility to find and book an eco-friendly holiday. The hotels that qualify then appear on the relevant TripAdvisor page. TripAdvisor's Ecoleader certification was developed thanks to the input of national and international experts in the ecology sector, including the Leed Certification Program of the US Green Building Council, the United Nations' Environmental Programme, the US Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star programme and other experts in sustainability. Adhesion to the programme is entirely voluntary, and is available to hotels that are interested in promoting their own ecological initiatives. Participation in the programme does not require any payment.


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