Porto Conte Nature Reserve

Hotel dei Pini is immersed within a bona fide natural paradise: the Porto Conte National Park.

Uniquely blessed in terms of its varieties of flora and fauna, it stretches former than 5000 hectares from the coast to the inland areas of Alghero, offering visitors breathtaking, sheer landscapes and an untainted, silent and fragrant natural environment.

Thanks to the plethora of natural trails, you can explore the park and discover the wonderful Mediterranean maquis that marks out this area, rich in broom, strawberry tree, helichrysum and dwarf palms, or admire the animal species that populate it, including various types of deer and the exceptionally rare griffon vultures.

The parkland also plays host to numerous traces of the nuragic epoch, such as the Nuraghe at Sant'Imbenia, the Nuraghe Palmavera and the Romana Villa at Sant'Imbenia. There are also several coastal towers and military fortifications dating from the inter-war period.
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